Everyone loves to laugh. We all love that guttural response. It feels good to laugh. It has scientifically been proven that laughing can improve your immune system. So go out and rent a comedy. Or you can find yourself a funny mate. That is why one of the top things women are always looking for is a guy that can make her laugh. Women like funny men.

Think about all of the not so cute, but really funny, guys you know that have beautiful girlfriends or wives. It is because laughter makes you feel good. And a guy that can constantly make you feel good by laughing is a guy you want to be with. If you are always laughing, you don’t have time to think about the fact that this guy does not look like Brad Pitt-or anywhere close. And even if you do think about it, you don’t care.

When I am with a guy that I am laughing so hard my sides hurt, I know I am doing well. Laughter can get you through a lot. Looks will fade over the years, but a great sense of humor is something that will last. I have spoken with a lot of happily married couples and almost all of them have said to me that he reason their marriage is working is because they make each other laugh everyday.


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So how does a guy get funny? Well, most are just born that way. But you can always brush up on your humor. By watching TV and movies that are comedies, that will help you learn some lessons in timing and how to land a joke (and if you are ballsy enough, you can pull some of their material and use it on a woman-just be prepared, if you get caught, with a great comeback line).

Take an improvisation class. An improvisation class will teach you how to give a performance without planning or preparation. Yes, mostly actors do this, but non-actors can learn a lot from a class, too. Improv is a wonderful art form that forces you to be quick on your feet. This can really be helpful on dates. And last, but not least, don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself.

Even after all of this, if you still don’t find yourself funny. Ask your friends to help. Ask them truthfully if they find you funny. If not, why. Do they have any suggestions? Are you too serious? Are you worried all of the time about the sky falling? Do you need to lighten up? Make sure you listen and keep an open mind when you have asked your friends for help. They may tell you things you do not want to hear. But this is the only way to learn how you are perceived by others. Thank them and think about what they have said. Do some soul searching and get counseling, if needed, if there are things you are just deeply unhappy about that you cannot let go. But make it a goal to find humor in all situations.

No one likes a grumpy Gus. We like people who are happy and fun and full of laughter. We can all be that way. We can learn to look at the funny side of life. Include people in your life that you find funny. Seek out ways to expand your sense of humor. Make a date to see a comedian (just sit in the back, trust me) and really study why he or she is funny. Learning to laugh, let loose and have fun will service you so very well in your life. Life is short, laugh a lot.